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Cirali Travel Guide


Çıralı is an agricultural village in southwest Turkey, in the Kemer district of Antalya Province

Sight Seeing

Near the village you will find attractions such as Mount Chimaera and the ruins of Olympus.

Boutique hotels

Palm trees, birdsong, mountains - this is the best place for an exclusive vacation.

Cirali Camping

The best place for camping and family vacations

Cirali Travel Guide

Cirali is a scenic, beautiful village that consists only of a couple of streets with an amazing beach in the Beydaglari National Park, just 40 km away from Kemer. There are no large and expensive hotels, Cirali will surprise you with lots of affordable villas, bungalows, and campings prevail.

This is a perfect shelter for those who want to skip out on urban life to be close to nature for a while. This is one of the favorite places for independent travelers who have the Lycian way on the route.

Cirali warmly meets everybody on this way to have a relaxed and cozy break. Travelers usually tend to stay here for a few days to recover not only physically but mentally as well. Nobody can stay indifferent to this place.

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Cirali Sight Seeing

Cirali boat tour
Cirali boat tours
Olympos Ruins
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